Build Your Own Quadcopter

Subject: Misc
Taught by Mike R.
  1. Saturday January 11, 10:00 - 6:00 PM
  2. Sunday January 12, 10:00 - 5:00 PM

Everything you need to know to start building your own multicopters. This is a hands-on class in which, by the end of the class, you will have built your own Arduino-based RC quadcopter. No programming experience is necessary. Some soldering experience would be helpful but is not required. The price of the class includes all of the parts to build your quadcopter, but students will need to provide their own 6 or more channel RC transmitter and receiver and preferably their own LiPo battery. If you want to take this class and would like help choosing this equipment, please feel free to contact the instructor.

For information on what to buy please checkout my blog post Getting Ready to Build Your Own Quadcopter

* Fee Notes: Incudes fee to build and take with you a quadcopter. Read description for more info.


trumptipk - Wednesday, 28 August at 09:22

Are there any recommendations on LiPo batteries or RC transmitters/receivers? With the $255 cost of the class, it'd be nice to have a reasonable estimate for the additional component cost before I jump in.

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synapticnoise - Wednesday, 28 August at 09:42

I am putting together a guide for getting the equipment you need. I will post back here when it's done. Until then, if you want to go the cheapest possible route, you should budget around $100 for the radio TX and RX and $10 per battery. If you're really going to get into this, you will need a charger for the batteries too. You can find these as cheap as $10.

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synapticnoise - Wednesday, 28 August at 09:44

That wasn't entirely clear. $100 total for both the TX and RX together. $150 total will get you a decent setup for this class.

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I'm interested in this course, but my gf wanted me to take at least one course with you guys before I register. Long story short, class is full, first course is this weekend.

Will you be open to a second course if there is enough demand? Will you have the lesson recorded on youtube?

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synapticnoise - Tuesday, 22 October at 22:31

It's not entirely up to me, but I would like to offer the course again. It probably won't be until the spring classes though (May - July timeframe).

Some courses are pretty easy to just do a second one in the same season - but it takes usually over a month to get all the parts in for this class. I need a lot of lead time, which is why this one is being held in January.

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CaptainZ - Friday, 6 December at 11:55

I know this class is full, but is space is open, please contact me as I would love to join!

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synapticnoise - Friday, 6 December at 14:52

We are planning on offering this class again in early spring. I don't know the exact timeframe yet. There are not any slots open for the current class unfortunately.

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CaptainZ - Friday, 6 December at 14:59

Ok great, thanks and looking forward to it!

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