Costuming/Lighting for Cosplay, SteamPunk & Events

Subject: Art & Craft
Taught by Deb E.
  1. Sunday May 18, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

You will learn to create a non-embarrassing costume. You will learn basic sewing & fabric gluing, transforming used clothing into art, Hacking your Hat, Grooving your Buttons, Spats! Rivets & Grommets, Lighting it all up!

Pre-class Homework: Please bring a drawing/photo/Google Image of your dream costume as a starting point (Do you want to be a Fairy Princess or a Steam Punk Inventor or….?)

Bring any Apparel, Odds, Ends and Accessories pertaining to your Alter Ego

There will be a Thrift Store Safari from TX RX during the week before this class led by Karmageddon: Join us! A Very Groovy Event

* Fee Notes: all material costs are included.
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