2D CAD/Drafting

Subject: Drafting
Taught by Roland v.
  1. Sunday May 5, 10:00 - 3:00 PM

This class will teach students basic drafting principals such as hand sketching parts, engineering drawing rules, measurements and tolerances. This course will also serve as an introduction to the world of 2D Drafting and a stepping stone to 3D CAD.


sheinrich44 - Saturday, 23 March at 23:59

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sheinrich44 - Saturday, 6 April at 10:19

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sheinrich44 - Saturday, 6 April at 10:21

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liquis - Friday, 3 May at 16:17

I'm a bit conflicted with the 2d CAD class overlapping the Inventor class on Sunday. Does this mean that Inventor covers 2d CAD as well?

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