Woodworking Tools I

Subject: Wood Working
Taught by Patrick W.
  1. Sunday October 20, 10:00 - 3:00 PM

Walkthrough of all woodworking tools available & set up at TX/RX Labs: Table Saw, Router, Oscillating Sander, Miter Saws & portable power tools. Basic Operation and Safety. This class serves as CERTIFICATION to use the TX/RX woodshop!

Requirements: Closed toed shoes, long sleve shirt, long sleve pants.


efmooney - Thursday, 12 September at 17:29

Very interested in this class. Not entirely sure if I am required to be a member to (pay the 30 bucks and) attend. Please let me know!

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matth...@gmail.com - Tuesday, 17 September at 08:58

Will this be available on a Satursday at some time? :) I have soccer on Sundays, that's my only drawback!

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woodshopcowboy - Tuesday, 17 September at 21:32

@ efmooney - open to the public (should be)

@ matth...the goal was to get breakfast then hit the shop for some fun in the dust. We'll see if there's a Sat fit in the next round of classes...

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rialeser - Saturday, 28 September at 10:54

I excitedly signed up for this class but just realized I'll be out of town until the afternoon after class is over that day. Can I send a friend in my place or otherwise make my spot available for someone else? Hope to catch the class the next time around.

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berudow - Friday, 11 October at 17:28

hi rialeser,

I would love to pay for and take your spot in the class if it is still available. I signed up for this class about 6 weeks ago but apparently there was an error and now the class is full.

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Humans_Are_Weird - Friday, 18 October at 10:31

Are there any last minute openings? I'd love to attend, just found out about this website and I've been looking to find a hobby for my free time.

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