Frequently asked questions


Who can attend classes?

Anyone can attend classes! You don't have to be a member, just visit txrxlabs.org/classes/ to see our listings and sign up.

What ages can attend classes?

Generally we offer two types of classes, young maker classes for individuals under 18 and adult classes for those over 18. Any classes held in the welding, machining and wood shop areas are for 18 and up only due to safety reasons. For the arts, rapid fab, and some computer classes, 13 and up with a parent is acceptable. Email info@txrxlabs.org for more info.

What is the refund cancelation policy?

If you can't make a class please email us at info@txrxlabs.org to request a cancellation. Cancellations and rescheduling requests must be made at least one week prior to the class. Missed classes are not eligible for refund or rescheduling. Refunds are subject to a $10 administrative fee.

Can I transfer an enrollment to another person if I can't make the class?

Yes, you can transfer your class to someone else. Have the original enrolee email info@txrxlabs.org to set up the trasnfer. Do not buy or sell class spots from enrollees.

Do I have to attend a safety course before taking a class?

No, safety class is not required for classes. Safety is covered during the class.

What are the prerequisites to taking a class?

Class prerequisites are listed with the class on the website. Please make sure you meet these prerequisites or your participation in the class may be limited.

Where are class dates and times listed?

Go to the classes page under the Makerspace tab on our website, or view the classes on our Calendar page.

How do I sign up for a class?

Please use the classes section of our website to sign up. For individuals who cannot use the website, please email info@txrxlabs.org to arrange an alternative means of signup.

How can I pay for classes?

You can pay for your class after signup through our website. The payment options are via Stripe or Paypal.

There are multiple days listed for a class, do I need to attend all of them?

Some classes are mutliple days, as shown on the class page. You are required to attend the entire class in order to get full credit. Classes that have multiple date options will be listed as separate sign ups on the class page.

Do you offer group discounts for classes or private event rates?

Yes. Please contact info@txrxlabs.org to discuss possible discounts and private event options.

I have taken another similar class somewhere else, can it serve as a prerequisite?

Possibly, you must get the permission of the instructor to attend. See the contact page for instructor contact info.

I would like to teach a class, how do I go about setting this up?

We love new and interesting class! Email info@txrxlabs.org to begin a discussion about getting involved.

A class is full, is there a waiting list?

There is not currently a waiting list to be notified if a spot opens up, but you can click on the "notify me" button on the class page to receive an email when a new class is posted.

I see a class listing but there are no dates scheduled, when will the next one be scheduled?

We try to offer classes as often as possible. Classes are scheduled continuously throughout the year. The best option is to use the "Email me..." button on the class page to get an email notification when the next class is scheduled.

I have a class suggestion, how can I notify you?

Please email your suggestions to info@txrxlabs.org and we will look into offering that class.


What tools and spaces do members have access to?

A tool access membership includes access to all areas and equipment of the lab, once you are cleared to use the equipment. For profit memberships are for individuals who will make use of the labs tools, space, and consumables for purposes that yield some monetary value. Non-profit memberships are for individuals who will use the lab for personal growth, learning, individual projects, non-profit, or community based projects.

Can I get a discount on membership for teaching classes or volunteering?

No, we don't currently offer any discounts. Instructors are either paid staff members or contract instructors. If you're interested in teaching, please email us at info@txrxlabs.org.

Does it cost extra to use the machines at the lab?

No, the membership fee includes access to all equipment. If you are signing up for a for-profit membership and plan to use our equipment, there is an extra fee. Please email info@txrxlabs.org for more info.

What do I need to do to use equipment at the lab?

You must be a member, attend orientation, attend safety training within two months, and have completed the check-out or class for that piece of equipment. See the following guides for more info: Equipment Access Guide Check-out Test Guide

How long is a membership commitment?

Memberships are paid monthly automatically via Paypal. You can cancel or change your membership at any time.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership subscription by logging into Paypal and going to the settings menu. From there select the recurring payments tab and cancel your recurring payment. Your badge will continue to work until your final payment period ends. Be sure to remove any belongings you have at the lab before your membership ends.

How do I change my membership?

Follow the instructions in the previous section to cancel your membership. Go to our homepage and login to your account. Go to the membership page under the Makerspace tab and purchase your new membership.

Where do I store my projects?

We have projects storage areas for temporary project storage by members (1 week) and private rental areas for longer storage options.

Does the lab provide raw materials?

No, raw materials are the member's responsibility. We do sell some common items and small consumables at the lab. Ask a shop manager for details. You can pay with cash or via Square with a card.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, however they are the responsibility of their sponsor member, and must sign a liability waiver and get a visitor badge. They must follow all safety procedures and cannot use the equipment.

Are kids allowed at open house?

Children are allowed at open house as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

What if I need help with equipment or a project?

Lab staff can provide help if scheduled. Please email the shop manager for that area to schedule private instruction or attend studio hours for assistance.

What is expected of me in terms of cleanliness?

It is your responsibility to clean up the tools and any debris in the areas you work in. You must also return all equipment to the appropriate locations.

Do you offer family or group discounts?

Yes, email info@txrxlabs.org to discuss.

Are private work/storage spaces available?

Yes, we offer tables, 1/2 bays, full bays and private studio space. Check out our membership page for details and pricing. Email info@txrxlabs to check availability.

Do you offer shorter memberships than a month?

No, we do not offer weekly or daily rates.

I cannot afford a membership, what alternatives are there?

As a 501(c)3 non-profit we offer discounted and free memberships on a case by case basis. Please email info@txrxlabs.org to inquire.

I'm already an expert, do I still have to take a class to get cleared?

No, you can schedule a check-out test with shop managers. See the check-out test guide for more details.


Do you offer private events?

Yes, we offer corporate mixers and classes, as well as private events for any occasion. Email info@txrxlabs.org for details.

Do you have an open house?

Yes, we have open house the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month with tours at 7pm and 8pm. They are free and open to the public.


My organization would like to partner with TXRX labs, would this be possible?

Yes, TXRX would be excited to find ways our organization could partner to further help the community. Email info@txrxlabs.org to inquire.

My organization would like a tour of the lab, how would we arrange this?

Email info@txrxlabs.org to schedule a group tour.

Do you offer organizational memberships?

Yes, we offer these on a case by case basis. Please email info@txrxlabs.org to inquire.

Do you offer prototyping?

Yes, you can bring your idea at any stage and we can help develop your concept and fabricate your project. Email info@txrxlabs to discuss details and pricing, and check out our fabrication page for more info.


Do you offer fabrication services?

Yes, send an email to info@txrxlabs.org to inquire, or check out our Fabrication page.

What are your hours?

Check out our contact page for hours, location and more! Members that rent private studios have access to their space 24/7.

Do you provide safety equipment?

Yes, we provide shared safety equipment for most common operations, please email info@txrxlabs.org to inquire about specific items.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, we can always use more volunteer help. Please email info@txrxlabs.org to start helping. What type of volunteer opportunities do you have? Everything! From cleaning, PR and social media, special projects, to technical work. We have an opportunity for everyone who would like to participate in our community.


Do you offer youth programs?

Yes, we partner with local schools to offer classes and your programs to students. Email info@txrxlabs.org for details.

Do you offer job training?

Yes, we teach job training programs through local non-profits. If you'd like to inquire about attending or working with us to run a training program, email us at info@txrxlabs.org.