Dinosaurs, Ornaments, & More Family Days!

In the past, the only time kids have had access to our shops has been during summer camps, field trips, and after school programs. Since these programs are not accessible to everyone, we have had a number of members asking for more family and kid centered projects. We thought this was a great idea to help inspire young makers and give them a chance to work on a project with their parents. We held our first Family Day in October.

Our welding shop manager, Lou came up with the first project, plasma cut dinosaur slot toys. Lou and shop assistant Laramie cut all the pieces on the plasma cutter, then taught our families how to weld it all together!

This month, we moved to the Rapid Fabrication Lab where Yang helped our families make laser cut holiday ornaments.

Yang became a TXRX Member last year, and has recently joined the staff helping with fabrication jobs and being on duty to give tours and answer questions. She is also going to lead our Family Day team. Yang has some awesome ideas for upcoming workshops. January's Family Day Workshop will be constructing Pop-Up Books.

Family Day is currently reserved for TXRX Members only, but we will occasionally open them up to the community.

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