Fab 2 Hire Program

Need Manufacturing Employees?

Want Parts Made Onshore For Cheap?

TXRX is expanding its manufacturing and job training programs to advance Houston as a manufacturing and innovation center. We are committed to finding high paying and rewarding career in manufacturing for our trainees.

Our team of 20+ veteran fabricators and engineers have developed extensive 300hr+ training programs and subsequent apprenticeships to deliver high-quality/ low cost fabrication+engineering services while also developing and ensuring the suitability of hand-picked employment candidates for skilled manufacturing careers in Houston.

Our program allows you to both help produce the future manufacturing employees of Houston while also providing costs savings on the components you are already manufacturing. All while providing the long term benefit of a consistent hiring pool already skilled in the production of your parts and components.


If your company can make use of these capabilities, feel free to contact us, or pass this information along.

Thank you for helping to make Houston the great manufacturing hub of the 21st century!

Contact us at FAB@TXRXLABS.ORG

More Information: Fab 2 Hire Brochure

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