Helmwood: Urban Lumber Meets Makerspace Collaboration

Updated: Jan 31, 2019


The Houston community is full of innovators who constantly look to harness new and progressive ideas. Helmwood is one such local business, who through their work in urban lumber provide a helpful and creative service to Houstonians by repurposing fallen trees into quality lumber.

Urban lumber is essentially the concept of harvesting wood within communities to be reused later on. Helmwood embraces this concept as a means of creating useful second life for downed trees to provide local lumber to Houston businesses and artisans.

Jason Fricke founded Helmwood after discovering his love of woodwork through countless hours down the YouTube tutorial rabbit hole. It was while considering how he could provide value to the woodworking industry that found his answer.

“There so many amazing woodworkers doing amazing stuff and somehow I stumbled across urban lumber,” says Fricke. “I thought, why isn’t everyone doing this?”

Helmwood doesn’t cut down trees for timber value. Instead they only use trees that have already fallen down as a means of edifying the community.

“We want to support using our own resources, rather than cutting down the tress, burning them, and then shipping in the wood from another state.”

Fricke’s goal of aligning Helmwood with groups in order to promote woodworking education and crafts led him to TXRX. As a result of this, he will be doing a lecture in late February over urban lumber in tandem with woodworking activities at the lab.

“Basically, I’m going to start with why urban lumber is important and unique, and then we will move into the wood working side to show how you go from taking a fallen tree in someone’s yard to making something like a table,” says Fricke.

Additionally the Helmwood-TXRX collaboration includes:

TXRX Member Discount: 10% off for all members with a badge.

TXRX Educational Discount for Classes: A one-time 10% off coupon for students who aren't members. 


For more info about Helmwood and urban lumber in Houston visit www.Helmwood.com or contact jason@helmwood.com.

To learn more about the upcoming lecture and wood working classes, contact joyce.lin@txrxlabs.org and RSVP on our calendar page.

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