Hogwarts in Houston

Who will be the chosen one?

On October 13th, TXRX labs is bringing Hogwarts to Houston with its Harry Potter themed Magical Day of Making event.

The staff has organized a day of magically inspired maker activities that combine the worlds of craftsmanship and Potter folklore. If you ever wanted to attend Hogwarts, and love to get a jump on the Halloween season, it’s the perfect occasion.

Each guest will be greeted with a custom etched glass mug of butter beer and sorted into their house in groups of ten. The TXRX team has fused several of their makerspace activities with inspiration from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Students will get the opportunity to experience several different areas of the lab, try out different equipment, and learn new skills,” says Katie O’Neil, Makerspace Director. “And it just so happens to be in a fun, Harry Potter themed environment.

Activities include:

  • Jewelry Making | Magical Copper to Silver: Silver plate copper charms in different themed shapes, stamp and customize them with letters and symbols, and assemble them into a necklace, bracelet, or keychain

  • Woodworking | Use the wood lathe to make a single-body wand and decorate and finish

  • Welding | MIG weld a metal wand stand out of plasma cut steel

  • Potions class | Create potions and infusions to take home. Enjoy a themed cocktail at the end of the day

  • 3D Printing | Learn and observe the 3D printing process and take home your 3D printed Patronus

  • Leather Working | Use custom laser cut leather to design and decorate a personalized version of Tom Riddle's Diary. Learn a simple binding technique, as well as dying, edge finishing, tooling and stamping of the leather.

While teams navigate through the lab, there will be a scavenger hunt in search of Lord Voldemort's seven horcruxes to win points for their house. Each member of the winning house will receive a 3D printed golden snitch.

The $223 ticket includes these activities, lunch, cocktails, an 8th Wonder beer token, and a Quidditch tournament at 8th Wonder brewery to top off the night.


Tickets are limited to 40 persons and must be purchased by the October 7th cut-off date. Ticket prices will increase on October 1st to $250, so get yours now!

To get yours visit www.txrxlabs.org/magicalmaking

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