Installing Makerspaces in HISD

In continued efforts to edify the Houston community education and innovation, TXRX Labs has launched the TXRX Maker-Installs in HISD program.

This ongoing project has the ultimate goal to build an ecosystem to support small-urban manufacturing in Houston by supporting K-12 education. Bruce Elementary, Nat Q Henderson Elementary, Fleming Middle School, and Eastwood Academy HS are the first schools to involved with the project.

The objective is to enroll 8 champion teachers at each school, who will eventually train other teachers on how to use the equipment for their classes. “Working with teachers is incredibly fulfilling - the actions we make together impact hundreds of students,” says Manoj Kowshik, Youth Programs Instructor.

“Students deserve to have authentic learning experiences that help them retain information better.”

Bruce Elementary is the first school to begin, and TXRX has been working with their teachers for the past few months in preparation for installing a makerspace on their campus. During their initial visit in the beginning of August, Bruce teachers received some professional development in maker-based learning and human-centered design, in addition to brainstorming on creating products and services with their students in mind. 

Currently, 2 laser cutters have been installed at Bruce Elementary, with 3D printer installations in the works. The 3 remaining schools will receive the same maker install treatment, with district approval pending for professional teacher development.

Ultimately, the TXRX Maker Installs' aim is for students gain hands-on manipulatives to learn with. “Hands-on learning has been proven to lead to better learning and more retention. Hands-on, unique experiences change the learning for the better,” says Kowshik.


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