New Team Member Spotlight: Meredith Tucker

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

TXRX Labs team member spotlight provides a few details about our latest and greatest staff additions. We’re happy to introduce to you Meredith Tucker, Industrial Designer.

Since finishing at the University of Houston in 2012 she’s gained a wealth of experience in industrial design programs and shop environments. She brings this expertise and passion for holistic design approaches to the TXRX community.

What does industrial design mean to you?

It’s a way of thinking. Industrial design is learning about manual processes. I had access to the shops on campus where I helped students and faculty in prototyping design. That’s where I got my certification. All of my work at engineering firms and on projects gave me knowledge that can be applied to any industry.

It’s a really holistic analysis on how to do everything in design.

The difference between an engineer and industrial design are the artistic and anthropological aspects. I think of the user and try to make products better based on who is going to use them.

Is there any particular area you prefer?

I dabble in all the areas.

Actually, right now I’m preparing a class outline. I’ll be teaching 3D modeling courses, art classes, leather work, airbrushing, anything that can be done with fusion, like a lot of C&C courses, laser cutting. Wherever TXRX can use me, I will be.

You mentioned holistic design. What’s the importance of this to your work?

It’s always important to have a holistic design approach to anything you do. It depends on what you’re making. From an instructional standpoint, It’s definitely about how to help students understand and access the entire procedure.

Anything I do, I think it all the way through. Most people just don't know the entire process for a task, so sometimes it’s just about helping someone come up with a map for what they’re looking to prototype.

Overall what type of impact would you like your instruction and work as an industrial designer to have?

I like to think of it in terms of the old saying about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish for himself. I want to help people do things the correct way by helping them to understand what it takes, including inspiring them educate themselves.

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