TXRX Labs Corporate Event Opportunities

Every organization or business needs a tune up from time to time where employees and members alike have the chance to learn, grow, and relax through productive exercises.

TXRX labs offers our own twist on corporate events combining team building and craftwork for a unique experience

A prime example of this is a marketing firm that recently scheduled a two day private Woodworking 1 Class as a team building activity. Their first day was spent honing skills with the miter and table saws, jointer, and glue work to create cutting boards. The second day focused on fine tuning their projects with the band saw, sanders, routers, and drills press shaping techniques, and ultimately wood finishing.

The result was not only a successful team building workshop, but also a positive community impact as the cutting boards were donated to the Nu-Waters Co-op, a non-profit which provides fresh fruits and veggies to local communities.


This is just one example of how businesses and organizations have made use of our space for their corporate events. Our past facilitation of a social hour for Houston Exponential, a hand lettering class for Houston Young Lawyers Association, and a 3D printing lecture with 3D printed selfies for The Society of Manufacturing Engineers are more examples of how organizations can create custom experiences for their employees and members.

If you’re interested in having your corporate event, or other private events/parties at our space, reach out to Katie O’Neil (koneil@txrxlabs.org) for more information, or visit www.txrxlabs.org to learn more about our services and work in the Houston community.

TX/RX Labs is located at 205 Roberts St. Houston, TX 77003

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